ConnectiCity at LNDW 2023

ConnectiCity at LNDW 2023 1920 2560 ide3a

Climate change and urbanization are posing major challenges to sustainable urban development, which needs to address the increasing risk of extreme hydroclimatic events such as flooding, population growth, growing demands for resources, housing shortage, and increased traffic. ConnectiCity is a serious game which has been developed by the ide3a project partners with the aim to provide its player base with comprehensive understanding of the aforementioned challenges, their impact on interconnected critical urban infrastructure systems, and possible solutions to effectively mitigate them in an interactive educational environment.

With the official release of the serious game ConnectiCity on the 20th of March this year it was finally time to introduce the game to a wider audience using any opportunity. Such opportunity presented itself during the Long Night of Science (German: Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, LNDW) on the 17th of June 2023. This renowned annual event serves as a platform for scientific institutions to engage with the public, and ConnectiCity was proudly featured at both the FSD Chair at TU Berlin and the Einstein Center simultaneously.

Teams of experts were assigned to each location, instructing visitors allowing them to not only learn about the scientific background of ConnectiCity but also to experience the game firsthand with guidance from these knowledgeable teams. The response from visitors of all ages was overwhelmingly positive, as they immersed themselves in the gameplay and engaged in thought-provoking discussions about the challenges facing sustainable urban development.

The ide3a team is delighted by the level of interest and enthusiasm shown by the participants who didn’t show a single sign of exhaustion when nearing midnight.





ide3a at LNDW 2022

ide3a at LNDW 2022 2560 1920 ide3a

ide3a was represented with a booth at the Long Night of Science (German: Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, LNDW) at TU Berlin on July 2nd 2022. The LNDW is an established annual event where scientific institutions present themselves to the public. Also this year, many interested people of all ages came to see what is being researched and worked on at the university.

The contribution of ide3a was to present its serious game “ConnectiCity”. The game is a multi-layered digital, open source, serious game to enable scenario analysis, simulation, and optimisation of urban critical infrastructure systems. In the laboratory of the Department of Smart Water Networks and Fluid System Dynamics alone, where ide3a had its booth, the organisers counted 422 visitors. The ide3a team was very pleased with how much interest people showed for their presentation and received a lot of positive and motivational feedback.