ide3a project closing meeting: Building connections that endure

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ide3a project closing meeting: Building connections that endure

ide3a project closing meeting: Building connections that endure 2560 1920 ide3a

The ide3a project will end after three and a half years on 31 October 2023.

While this chapter may be drawing to a close, the relationships and collaborations we have nurtured will continue to flourish. We have achieved milestones, tackled challenges, and left an indelible mark on the fields of e-learning, e-research, and e-mobility. The knowledge and experience gained are invaluable, and they will undoubtedly influence our future endeavors.

Before we embark on our individual paths, we invite you to join us for the closing meeting of the ide3a project on 11 October 2023. This gathering is not only a celebration of our collective achievements but also an opportunity to strengthen the enduring connections we have cultivated. This will be a fantastic opportunity to revisit the project’s outputs and hear about the outcomes of the individual sub-projects presented by Prof. Dr. Andrea Cominola, Lisa Westphal, Markus Fischer and Leonie Dornbusch. These presentations will be streamed online, ensuring that colleagues from around the world can be part of this event.

Program 11 October 2023 :
4pm – 5pm (public, online): ide3a re-visited and presentation of the main outputs of the ide3a part projects e-learning, e-research and e-mobility, future collaboration possibilities

Your presence and input at the closing meeting are invaluable to us. We are eager to hear your feedback and insights as we reflect on the ide3a project’s journey and its impact on our collective knowledge. If you are interested in joining us we kindly ask you to register via the following link. The Zoom-Link to the event will be shared after registration.

Thank you for being an integral part of the ide3a project, and we look forward to seeing you at this event.