on air: the CID Podcast

on air: the CID Podcast

on air: the CID Podcast 1865 916 ide3a

The ide3a network is proud to present the CID podcast. The CID podcast series is a production created as a part of the ide3a project and the associated lecture series “Critical Infrastructure & Digitalization” (CID).

The CID podcast series is created by the ide3a network and its partners providing not only an overview of digital and technological transformations in different urban infrastructure systems such as water networks, energy networks, sensor and communication networks, and mobility but also valuable insights into the different research areas of the interviewed experts. The series is featuring David Bermbach, Andrea Cominola, Rita Maria Ugarelli, Sangyoung Park and Monica Vitali.

The resource water is increasingly associated with scarcity in the last few years causing a major concern amongst scientists leading to the realization that digitalization plays a crucial part to mitigate the water scarcity. Apart from the need for digitalization of the water sector Prof. Dr. Andrea Cominola addresses the climate impact of the water sector as well as other various aspects related to water resources management in this podcast.

Especially critical infrastructures such as the water sector are increasingly popular targets for not only physical but also cyber threats but also their combinations. The project STOP is the very first European project dealing with water critical infrastructure protection against cyber and physical threats of which Prof. Dr. Rita Ugarelli is one of the lead scientists of. This podcast focuses on the importance of the security education and training as well as IT awareness campaign when it comes to critical infrastructure as well as the cascading effects when one system suffers an attack.

The transition to carbon neutrality will probably remain a major challenge for mankind over the next decades. In this podcast Prof. Dr. Sangyoung Park who specializes in the electrification of transport sector while also tackling the question of how to enhance the safety of vehicles by means of digitalization and connectivity, addresses various aspects affecting the transition to electrical vehicles but also means to reduce carbon emissions produced by the domestic transport systems.

With the following podcast starring Prof. Dr. David Bermbach we dive into the world of designing a geo-distributed system as well as its data management and evaluation. If you would like to get a glimpse how Prof. Dr. David Bermbach contributes to the increase of safety in bicycle traffic, we recommend you the following podcast.

Data centers play a major role in our every day life enabling a level of comfort and accessibility to a huge amount of data which wasn’t imaginable 30 years ago but are notorious for their high power consumption. Especially with the ongoing climate change the demands for data centers becoming more efficient are growing stronger. Prof. Dr. Monica Vitali explores the possibilities of applying artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques on data centers and cloud computing to achieve a higher efficiency in this podcast.

All interviews were moderated by Dóra Hegyi and edited by Bea Meyer. The entire ide3a team would like to thank Dóra as well as Bea but also the experts for this amazing collaboration. All the podcasts are independent entities and can be listened to in any orders.