Research topic:
Urban Walkability to boost adoption of Healthy Lifestyles MWM-Tool GIS based experience in Milano

Research process:
Step1: Make the theoretical background clear
Step2: MWM-tool learning
Step3: Data collection
Step4: Data processing
Step5: Thesis framework
Step6: Thesis writing
Step7: Thesis edition
Step8: Presentation preparation
After the stay in Berlin, I had finished the step 5 of the data processing.

Advantages of the stay:
Three months are too fast to get a whole picture of Berlin. But for sure the exchange program has broadened my horizon and my mind. People and things I had come across in Berlin are still clearly on my mind after these impressive three months. To some extent, all the memories of Berlin have pushed my energy for the thesis writing progress in Milan.

Disadvantages of the stay:
Due to the pandemic, unfortunately I had no chance to gain a closer understanding of the culture and tradition of TU Berlin. Also, it was not possible for me to have frequent physical meetings with my supervisors in TU Berlin, which was not so convenient.

My experience with the ide3a team and the organizers:
For me, the experience was quite valuable. The most impressive part was that I could always get clear answers from the ide3a team if I had any concerns. I would like to thank the ide3a team organizers Lisa and Johannes for their warm introduction of the campus of TU Berlin. It helped me to have a start point from which I could further explore TU Berlin. I would also like to thank them for the informal get-together meeting at the pub “Clash” in Kreuzberg which gave me a chance to gain a perception of the atmosphere of life in Berlin. I will always remember the taste of the drink “Club-Mate” and the beer culture in Germany.

How did I find accommodation?
Since I have the residency in Italy it was no problem for me to stay in Berlin for three months without formal registration. Therefore, I rented a room for a short term through the student groups of TU-Berlin on Wechat. Everything went well, I had no issues with finding accommodation.

How was life in the city/country?
I was lucky enough to experience the hottest summertime in Berlin even if it only sustained for several days. After that, the temperatures kept a comfortable level, occationally some wild storms came up. I took advantage of the bright sunshine to visit many of Berlin’s famous parks, like Großer Tiergarten, Park am Gleisdreieck, Körnerpark etc. So many famous museums also attracted my attention which gave me some perception of the deep cultural roots of Germany. On the way through the city of Berlin, I found that Berlin is a well-organized place with well-categorized shops and efficient transportation systems which showed me that you can have a high quality of life living in Berlin.